• Inspection of computers to remove unsupported software

  • Check AntiVirus for signature updates

  • Review server logs for errors or warnings  

  • Review backup logs and periodically verify backups

  • Check-in with employees to discover any system issues



  • Analysis, recommendation, and purchase computer hardware and peripherals
  • Review of future agency management technology


Google WorkSpace

  • Create Google Apps account and provisioning

  • Setup Google Apps for your domain with naming,, etc.

  • Enable appropriate sharing for domain

  • Change your current email server to use Google Apps

  • Create your new user accounts

  • Migrating user's existing email archives

  • Create a Start page with your logo and business appropriate gadgets

  • Enable Talk for intra-office chat

  • Administer Google Apps remotely with the web-based control panel

  • and more if enabling Sites and Documents



  • Install software, rating updates, and hardware as required

  • Installation of security and critical updates for operating system and browser

  • Handle open issues assigned by agency systems coordinator


PC Inventory

Today’s technology changes quickly.  Network, operating system, hardware, and application software to assess PC system readiness is a daunting task.  

An inventory will provide:

  • Software license compliance

  • Operating system migration

  • Budgeting and purchasing

  • Asset disposal and/or reassignment

Belarc Advisor

Is an application which can be used a quick inventory of your computer.


Remote Control

AnyDesk and Distant Desktop provide the majority of remote control solutions for my clients.

I setup either service as a corporate managed group so that you can control access to each computer individually. You have control to who can access any computer and when. The first share is to EJGallagher so that I can provide remote support when you call. Other secondary users can be added to allow employees access to their computers when home, helping sick children or to help a client anytime while away from the office.


Web Filtering


filters the web content employees access and increases protection from phishing, drive-by attacks of spyware and blocking adware.  Choose from 50 categories to reduce employee down time.

Agency System installation

I have experience working with AMS360 and TAM each as hosted and in-house configuration.


Dual Monitors

The best investment any agency can make to provide employees with more efficient viewing of multiple applications.

This is my preferred model by SIIG.  (view here)


Broadband Services

I will work with you to analyze the proposals of providers. 

Wired and Wireless Networks

Let's discuss your needs to determine the appropriate technology for your installation.

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